Free Development Seats for many popular Embedded Operating Systems

MapuSoft is making available OS Simulator licenses Free for 90 days *

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MapuSoft Technologies’ is providing an exclusive opportunity for embedded software developers to utilize our OS Simulator tool to develop and test your Real-Time Operating System applications, FREE OF COST for 90 days. * OS Simulators are available for Linux/POSIX, VxWorks, ThreadX, Nucleus, Windows, pSOS and Micro-ITRON operating systems.

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MapuSoft’s OS Simulator™ allows engineers to develop and test embedded applications on Windows or Linux host environments. OS Simulator eliminates the need for the original OS, as well as the requirement for expensive target hardware during development. Without the need for those components, development and testing can begin much earlier. The result is lower licensing costs, reduced hardware requirements and a shorter time to market.

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*Offer valid only for businesses doing embedded development and limited to 5 seats per company

OS Simulator also provides a virtualized test platform to simulate a system of applications interacting with each other on one or more CPU cores through simulated devices.

OS Simulator provides the ability to simulate, test and run an entire system of C/C++ applications on a Windows or Linux host. Host_based testing offers more hardware resources, less complexity and lower costs when compared to testing on a target platform. OS Simulator provides the following features when used as a virtualized testing platform:

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